Forget buzzwords like influencer marketing, augmented reality or artificial intelligence. The big topic at Advertising Week this year was “control.” From brands to agencies and platforms, everyone wants more, but in the amorphous stew that is digital marketing, can any one ingredient ever truly dominate the rest?

There was a lot of talk about brands grabbing control by creating in-house shops and asserting themselves with digital platforms to ensure brand safety and clearer results. At the same time, marketers pondered how to release more creative control to social influencers, who were repeatedly pointed to last week as one of the only tactics that can break through in today’s cluttered media landscape.


7 critical lessons for marketers from Advertising Week  Marketing Dive



  • 1.) Influencer marketing’s role for brands evolves
  • 2.) Snapchat finds its place
  • 3.) Brand safety’s in the hot seat, but it still has a spot at the table
  • 4.) Experiences will beat out screens
  • 5.) Getting ‘good’ data is no longer a problem for marketers — what to do with it is
  • 6.) In creativity and technology, don’t count China out
  • 7.) Global marketers must prepare for GDPR now


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