Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Practical Applications
by Jim Sterne

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Are We Entering the Era of Millisecond Marketing?

  By Ryan Holmes, CEO of social media management platform Hootsuite.   Millisecond marketing in action Nowadays, it’s a scene you’ll pretty much see only in movies: Stock traders in brightly colored jackets frantically shouting and flashing symbols on...

How to Keep Your Marketing Job Through the AI Revolution

    Artificial Intelligence (AI), the buzzword of the year, is becoming a growing influence in the marketing industry. And for better or worse, it’s poised to change your career. Today’s marketers need to prepare for the AI revolution and understand how they...

How to Sound Smart Selling AI Marketing Solutions

  Gone are the days when setting customers up with digital marketing solutions meant getting them set up with Salesforce and HubSpot and calling it a day. These days, resellers and MSPs that specialize in marketing are competing against young, agile, and...

How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Attribution Tools

  The marketing technology landscape is busy, but there isn’t a solution out there for everything. Multitouch attribution solutions that help marketers map their customers’ path to purchase, for example, are still scarce. Julie Lyle, chief revenue officer at...

How AI Could Change Amazon: A Thought Experiment

  What happens to Amazon’s strategy as their data scientists, engineers, and machine learning experts work tirelessly to dial up the accuracy on the prediction machine? ... Amazon gains a higher share-of-wallet. Turning the prediction dial up far enough changes...

The Age of Intelligent Brands

  This is the best time in human history to be a consumer. From stumbling upon new shows via Netflix’ recommendation engine, exploring virtual worlds through Oculus, getting to where you need to go faster without looking at a map, or having pressing questions...

7 critical lessons for marketers from Advertising Week

  Forget buzzwords like influencer marketing, augmented reality or artificial intelligence. The big topic at Advertising Week this year was "control." From brands to agencies and platforms, everyone wants more, but in the amorphous stew that is digital marketing,...

The Importance Of Humans In Digital Transformation

  In rapid digital transformation, it’s vital that we don’t forget who we are. With the large customer data sets that brands are generating, they need to ensure that they use them in emotionally intelligent ways. Using social listening tools to combine data with...

Where human intelligence outperforms AI

  With every new trend comes a counter-trend. And so despite the current excitement over the wonders of artificial intelligence, one company is betting that human intelligence can still deliver solutions for businesses that AI cannot hope to match. Article One...

CMOs are operating in a legal vacuum with AI

  At a recent media roundtable hosted by global law firm Baker McKenzie, both legal and marketing practitioners highlighted the lack of legal framework concerning AI. When something goes awry, who is to blame becomes a huge legal mystery that is costly to solve....

Marketers need to embrace artificial intelligence

  AI takes marketing automation to another level We already love marketing automation, right? It puts computers to work performing a variety of manual tasks that we don’t like to do in the first place (think of the soul-crushing email list management process). It...

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