Artificial Intelligence (AI), the buzzword of the year, is becoming a growing influence in the marketing industry. And for better or worse, it’s poised to change your career.

Today’s marketers need to prepare for the AI revolution and understand how they can use it to enhance customer experiences in our increasingly digital world.

While robots will not replace everything and everyone, there are many new skills and functions that today’s marketers should explore. As more and more tasks become automated, it’s crucial to pivot and acquire new skill sets.

With that in mind, here are five skills you’ll need to survive the AI boom in marketing over the next five years.


Read the rest here: How to Keep Your Marketing Job Through the AI Revolution  Forbes


  • Self-Learner 
  • Problem Identifier 
  • Computational Thinker 
  • Renewed Creative 
  • Open-Minded Thinker 
  • Get Excited, and Get Ready 

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