By now, many people have heard of the impending “fourth industrial revolution,” and there’s more than a little trepidation surrounding the subject. Just as mechanization and the steam engine changed the landscape of manufacturing, the arrival of interconnected machine learning systems will inevitably transform the way products are made and sold.

The fourth industrial revolution may spark the fear that jobs will disappear. Emerging technologies will have a far-reaching impact, affecting almost every industry and economy on our globalized planet. However, artificial intelligence will serve in large part to augment – not replace – the jobs humans perform in the workplace. The emphasis on AI is to eliminate mindless busywork, making people more efficient, productive, and valuable.

John Carney, senior vice president of industries, communications and media at Salesforceacknowledges there will be significant changes in the job market but explains that this has been the case throughout history: “If you look back in history with these paradigm shifts, these transitions, the data says that we created way more jobs than were eliminated. So, I think that’s going to happen again. There is going to be a transition.”


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Embracing AI And Automation Can Make Your Job Better  

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