Technology was supposed to save us time and make our lives better. But for most of us, all the tech in our lives has just added to the burden. From the hundreds of emails and thousands of Slack messages we sift through each day, to the nonstop Google calendar scheduling (and rescheduling) ping pong, we’re drowning in “helpful technology.” Ugh. What happened?

Data happened. As we’ve moved more and more of our work online, we’re generating a sea of data that gives rise to a tsunami of alerts and todos. Tending to all that data takes up so much time, that we’re left with little to spend on the main function of our jobs. The human stuff that often happens face-to-face is taking a backseat to curating a growing collection of apps.

Take sales, for instance. At its core, sales is about relationships. The best salespeople close deals by building trust, demonstrating empathy for potential customers with problems to solve, and authentically connecting the dots between a pain point and a solution. But according to a recent Hubspot survey, most salespeople spend a majority of their days on completely mundane tasks like writing emails, scheduling meetings, and data entry. Paradoxically, they’re actually getting less selling done because of all the apps they use to help them sell more.

Enter: artificial intelligence. AI is already entering our work lives through the spread of intelligent agents, many focused on a single task, which hold the promise of stealing back all that time time lost to the data deluge. It’s time to let AI handle the machine tasks that have squeezed so much humanity out of our jobs.

Here are four ways intelligent AI agents are changing the sales profession.


Read the rest here: 4 ways AI is remaking sales

Includes examples:

  1. AI gives you time to meet with customers
  2. AI optimizes your tedious sales process
  3. AI prioritizes your hot leads
  4. AI improves your customers communications
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