Billions of searches are conducted on Google every day. Even with years of engineered gathering of search queries, Google still sees unique queries every minute.

These days, people need and want definite answers from Google. Instead of typing just a couple of words, we nowadays type of speak a whole sentence, making it more complex for Google to return the right search result to match user intent.

How can SEO professionals survive in this tricky environment?
Here are five strategies that you need to follow.

Read the rest here: Artificial Intelligence & SEO: 5 Strategies You Need to Follow  Search Engine Journal


  • 1. Intelligently Optimize Your Keywords
  • 2. Use Cluster Analysis & Predictive Analytics
  • 3. Leverage the Power of Customer Reviews
  • 4. Accurately Predict Shopper’s Needs Using Customer Data
  • 5. Use AI-Powered Chatbots to Pull Customers Toward a Sale


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