In the not-so-good old days, connecting with in-market car shoppers was a guessing game, at best. Dealers selected the media channels they thought might have the best chances of attracting serious buyers, often relying on no more than past experience, instinct, and maybe a few long-standing relationships with media reps.

That antiquated process was a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack. And dealers frequently came up empty-handed, except for a hand full of hay, while wasting plenty of money along the way.

Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning have changed the game. At the risk of torturing the metaphor, a dealer can now skip the haystack (in this case, a big, generic audience) and go straight to the needles (in-market shoppers looking for specific VINs).


Read the rest here: How Machine Learning and AI are Boosting Marketing Efficiency and Slashing Waste

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