Jeffry Nimeroff, CIO Zeta Global

by Jeffry Nimeroff (who will be speaking at the eMetrics Summit in New York, on How to Train Your Dragon


In my 25 years of working with large datasets, from developing early machine learning algorithms for multimedia systems in the 1990s to optimizing the email marketing infrastructure at GSI Commerce in the 2000s and now applying machine learning to big data to find actionable insights in real time, I’ve seen the convergence of machine learning and marketing firsthand.

This year, I’m excited to see how machine learning (ML), an artificial intelligence (AI) discipline geared toward the technological development of human knowledge, has impacted the marketing big data ecosystem. I’m also intrigued by how much room I see for growth in the future.


Read the rest here:  How Machine Learning Will Be Used For Marketing In 2017


    1. Automated data visualization (including ML results) will become more rich, and user-friendly.
    2. Content analysis (textual, lexical, multimedia/rich) will be used to drive better marketing conversations.
    3. Incremental ML techniques will become more prevalent, leading to real-time, not just on-going and automated, changes in marketing execution.
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