While analytics inform your strategic decisions and automation empowers you to carry your campaigns out, chatbots give your customers and potential customers a resource for questions, issues or even wishes they might have in real-time.Earlier this summer, Salesforce’s State of Marketing Report pronounced artificial intelligence to be the technology where marketers expect to experience the most growth. Around the same time, Accenture released its prediction that AI will produce 14 trillion dollars worth of economic value by 2035.

These announcements joined thousands of other articles, reports and thought pieces all urging the necessity of using AI in business, and particularly in marketing. The urgency is clear, but the instructions aren’t.

Saying that marketers should use AI is like saying salespeople should use a cell phone — AI itself is only a tool, and it has many different applications, but some are more talked about than others.

According to Buzzsumo, the majority of the most heavily-shared articles about AI in marketing are focused on automation and chatbots. Another type of AI is analytics. Each is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to using AI in marketing.

The best value for businesses is to find a way to balance both types of AI — efficiency- focused technology like automation and chatbots, and insights platforms like analytics — and build an AI stack.


Read the rest here: 4 ways to use AI at every stage of marketing  The Business Journals

  • Includes:
  • 1. Use analytics to understand your brand’s current standing and the positions of your competitors, as well as which messages are likely to resonate
  • 2. Create and distribute dynamic campaigns that appeal to those sensibilities
  • 3. Measure message traction and changes in the narratives relevant to your product
  • 4. Ensure consistent support with chatbots


This was originally published from: https://www.bizjournals.com/bizjournals/how-to/marketing/2017/10/4-ways-to-use-ai-at-every-stage-of-marketing.html on

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