by Brian Solis is a digital analystspeaker and the author of X: Where Business Meets Design


Remember when traditional marketing was overwhelmingly successful? Neither do I.

In an era of great innovation, marketing still largely operates with legacy mindsets and technologies. Time, however, isn’t on the side of those who follow convention. Digital Darwinism is only accelerating, and those marketers who defy convention will shape the next generation.

So, why isn’t everyone jumping on AI? Turns out there are several myths impeding marketing’s ability to hasten change.


Read the rest here: AI Myth Busters: AI Will Usher In An Era Of Extreme Personalization  Forbes


  • Myth #1: AI is too complex and expensive to add to the marketing mix
  • Myth #2: Marketers believe they are already using AI-powered systems
  • Myth #3: AI is here to take your job or decimate you
  • Myth #4: Marketers have already figured out personalization and don’t need AI 

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