AI alters what people do, and ‘this leads to some difficult change-management issues’

Every executive today will tell you that artificial intelligence comes up in almost every business conversation, whatever the venue or occasion. Some are embracing it whole heartedly; others are overwhelmed at the prospect and waiting to make their move. Still others are treading carefully in moving to AI adoption.

“The basic questions you need to ask at the start are: Do I start looking for opportunities to automate existing processes? Do I use existing data assets or build new products? Or do I make decisions differently?


Read the rest here: How leaders can change their perspectives in an AI-centric world  Financial Post


  • Always start with business goals, processes and existing data assets
  • Get comfortable with probability
  • Consider risk analysis in a new light
  • Fight the fear of change
  • Engage your employees in the transition
  • Don’t overlook the skills within your organization
  • When things go off the tracks, try again
  • Start small.
  • Outsource when it makes sense

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