Revcontent is considered the world’s fastest growing content recommendation network with over 250 billion content recommendations displayed per month. Revcontent is partnered with over 2,300 publishers and 1,500 advertisers. To provide personalized content recommendations, Revcontent delivers ad content that blends into a publisher’s website design rather than a commercial message. This makes the ads less jarring for the readers. Often the ads will use wording such as “you may like” and “recommended content.”

The art of personalizing ads in order to improve user experiences is constantly evolving. By personalizing at the individual level using machine learning, ads will become more valuable and resonate with the audience of its readers. Another reason why using machine learning to automatically customize ads is important is because manually designing ads for each demographic is not practical. The tailored ads include products related to what you have been looking for, articles to websites that you visit frequently and personalized calls to action.

Revcontent also uses innovative machine learning technology to connect people with the content recommendations based on their interests. Revcontent’s advertisers and publisher partners can target users based on more than 3,000 types of factors including age, location, interests and specific sites. And this makes it possible for publishers and ad partners to engage with and grow their audience.

About a year ago, Revcontent also acquired a machine learning company called Rover. Rover had developed advanced personalization and recommendation technology that complemented Revcontent’s massive ad network. Revcontent also acquired Europe’s largest content recommendation network, a company called ContentClick in January 2016.


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