For business transformation to succeed, the whole of innovation must be greater than the progress of its parts. But in an era of digital Darwinism, as technology and society evolve faster than many businesses can keep up, it may be up to the “parts” to lead the way toward holistic business transformation.

Digital Darwinism doesn’t discriminate in selecting which companies survive, thrive or fade. Outcomes are dependent on the impact of business efforts. But experimentation and change have to start somewhere. One of the more promising areas for organizational innovation oftentimes starts in marketing with a boost from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In my research exploring digital transformation and corporate innovation over the years, I’ve consistently found that marketing, with an emphasis on digital customer experience (DCX), is the spark that drives enterprise-wide innovation.

I learned that progressive experiments with emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning combined with modern, customer-centered campaigns, deliver notably better results, help strengthen skill sets and raise performance standards that set the benchmark for other groups to follow.


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